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Building Childrens Furntiture 
Having glued and joined all T’s and L’s, the next step is to assemble these  joined sections together to complete the basic shape of the piece. 
It is best to do this without glue at first, assembling the entire unit with  screws alone. Then, when it is together in good order and you are satisfied that nothing is out of line, take it apart, clean and sand all the pieces to  prepare them for finishing, and reassemble the unit again, this time permanently with glue.
Though this method imposes some extra time and effort on your part, it makes  the sanding operation easier and better, and reassembly  goes  fast and   accurate  witheverything fitting back into place like a glove.
Furniture, in order to have good lines and smooth working drawers and doors, must be squared up during assembly before letting the glue-joined sections dry. 
In many cases, a large square will serve to check the accuracy of smaller  joined sections. On larger cabinets with big rectangular compartments, you  can check for squareness by measuring diagonally across the compartment opening  from corner to corner. Note this measurement and then measure the opposite  crossing diagonal in the same manner. You can also do very nice corner sofa
If the cabinet is square, the two measurements will be the same. If the  measurements differ, the piece is not square. To make it square, apply pressure on the corner that has the longer measurement until the cabinet has been  forced into a square shape and both diagonal measurements are the same.
You can make weby nice corner sofa bed from fabric or leather.
Having squared the cabinet, it is a good idea to tack the back panel on next  before making any doors or drawers, or doing any further work. The back panel  will serve to hold the cabinet in shape while adding the rest of the features  and, if necessary, it can be removed temporarily whenever it interferes with  work to be done.

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