Artwork for organized stalking victims

Domain investors in India are targetted for organized stalking by the jealous powerful top indian intelligence and security agency officials, especially if the domain investor is not well connected, and large companies wish to acquire talent and technology cheaply. The indian intelligence agencies, especially CBI, NTRO are ruthless in destroying the life, reputation and finances of the their victim, the targetted individual, blocking almost all payment, closing the account to force the person to sell the domain names cheaply.
It is very frustrating for the domain investor, however much time and effort he or she may spend online, the income does not increase, in fact, it is decreasing rapidly . When almost all the work they are doing online results in almost zero income due to abuse of power, the confidence of the person reduces rapidly. One of the easiest way to rebuild the confidence of a person is by making art and craft items.
Upcycling, make art and craft items from discarded items is one good way of making art items, since most stalking victims do not have a lot of funds. For example tetrapak containers can be used for making containers for keeping things at home. Old bottles can be used for making pots for growing plants and containers. It is also possible to make recycled paper beads and flowers, however it is difficult to find customers.

Arrogant actor fraud NTRO employees fail to realize their fraud

NTRO employees like vijay, puneet, j srinivasan, parmar, patel and others are least interested in contacting a female domain investor, however they are shamelessly and falsely claiming to know her well, to steal her impressive resume, investment for their mediocre lazy fraud girlfriends.
If they do not wish to contact her, legally and morally the right thing to do, is to admit that they are not connected with her and leave her alone, like any other domain investor in india . They should never use her name, honestly tell people that they do not know her, they interacted with her more than twenty years ago, now there is no connection at all.
However led by the fraud puneet, since 2010, for more than 7 years, they continue to falsely claim that they know her very well, to steal her impressive resume, with their excellent acting, Instead of NTRO, these government employees should be transferred to FTII or any other acting school

Fraud NTRO employee puneet gets his brahmin fraud bbm girlfriend nayanshree R&AW job with his acting skills

The mediocre bengaluru shivalli brahmin housewife bbm nayanshree hathwar should have remained a housewife all her life, looking after her house and family, because that what she deserved and has worked for. However her powerful fraud boyfriend and relative puneet gifted her a lucrative R&AW job, stealing the impressive resume of his btech 1993 ee classmate, in a classic example of brahmin atrocities, fraud and injustice in India, RESERVATION FOR BRAHMIN FRAUDS IN RAW

However in an open case of great acting, corruption, nepotism, by the cunning fraud NTRO employee puneet, who showed his great acting skills, pretending to help his btech 1993 ee classmate, shamelessly misusing her name, he managed to steal the impressive resume of his btech 1993 ee classmate, for the mediocre shivalli brahmin cheater housewife bbm nayanshree hathwar who he was really infatuated with and other fraud women to get all these fraud women lucrative R&AW jobs with monthly salary without doing any work at all, without investing any money at all.
It is a very brilliant fraud of the cunning ntro employee puneet, to deny his btech 1993 ee classmate who he hated , the income and opportunities she deserved stealing her impressive resume, investment
It is a reflection of the great acting skills of the shameless fraud cunning ntro employee puneet, that almost no one realized that he actually hated his btech 1993 ee classmate, wanted to destroy her life, they blindly believed that he was in contact with her, when he made fake claims about the online business of his btech 1993 ee classmate
However action speaks louder than words, so over a period of time, some people realized that the resume theft of ntro employee puneet was a very cruel fraud on the experienced engineer and when he refused to provide any information on the misuse of the engineer, domain investors name, it was increasingly apparent, that he had used his acting skills to dupe a lot of people , destroying the life of an innocent woman in the process

Advantages of writing

The main aim of the google, tata, ntro, cbi employees is to reduce the revenues of the google competitor and domain investor to zero , so that they can steal the identity of the google competitor for their mediocre lazy greedy cheater relatives and friends.
Despite being ruthlessly tortured, humiliated and taunted using voice to skull technology, the domain investor decided to continue writing, as it gives an idea of the market trends and also allows to make some money. Domain investors are demonized by indian intelligence and security agency officials working for google, tata, so other than magazines, newspapers, television, they have almost no source of information, as they cannot interact with anyone. Writing for others is practice and has information on the various products and services available for sale in the market , which the domain investor would otherwise not be aware of.
The service tax taunts are just some more lies from the fraud NTRo,CBI employees, revenues will never be more than Rs 8 lakh annually due to cbi, google, tata online fraud

Fraud NTRO employees are great actors, falsely pretending to help

India is a poorly governed countries because a large number of indian government employees are appointed on the basis of fake references, especially in indian intelligence agencies, without verifying their qualification, experience, resume. For example, any NTRO employee who is a reasonably good actor, can pretend to know a woman under surveillance very well, and then steal her resume for anyone else without the permission or knowledge of the person whose resume he has stolen.
The cunning fraud ntro employee puneet who got R&AW jobs for mediocre fraud housewives like shivalli brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar, goan gsb fraud diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, ruchika, indore housewife veena, asmita patel, deepika, was extremely convincing in making fake claims, and encouraged others like j srinivsan, parmar, patel to follow his footsteps in acting to steal resume, after pretending to know the domain investor very well
The indian government refuses to acknowledge the fact that their employees may be making fake claims , that they are very good actors pretending to know some women very well, so that they can steal their resume.

Why Kalpit Veerwal, Vrinda Rathi and other JEE toppers should watch the movie “3 Idiots”

The times of India has extensively covered the news of the IIT JEE mains toppers 2017 , with a profile of the male and female toppers Kalpit Veerwal, Vrinda Rathi . What the JEE main toppers 2017 and others studying in IIT are not aware, is that indian intelligence and security agencies especially CBI are openly and brazenly involved in identity theft frauds on JEE toppers to make their relatives and friends rich and powerful overnight, with the stolen degree, resume of the JEE toppers. The modus operandi of the identity theft fraud of top CBI, NTRO, indian government employees is similar to the Aamir Khan movie “3 Idiots” hardworking honest students get a good JEE rank and study in the top college. After the hardworking brilliant students have got their btech degree from a top college and worked for some years honestly to develop an impressive resume, they are expected to give up their resume, investment to the relatives and friends of top indian intelligence, security, cbi, ntro employees. If the JEE topper does not do so, he or she will be labelled a security threat without any proof, his or her retirement saving will be stolen by indian government employees without a court order
At present there is plenty of news online on the google, tata masterminded identity theft fraud on the 1989 JEE female west zone topper, who is india’s largest female domain investor and a google competitor. The 1989 JEE female west zone topper, residing in panaji, goa finds that the indian government is falsely claiming that as many as 10 lazy greedy google, tata sponsored goan sex workers, cheater housewives, blackmailers and other fraud R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees who never answered JEE, have her resume, investment to waste indian tax payer money, paying all these frauds a monthly indian government salary.
To ensure that the the 1989 JEE female west zone topper does not have funds to initiate legal action like filing a writ petition, cbi, security agencies have also stolen the retirement savings of the the 1989 JEE female west zone topper, an experienced engineer, without a court order or legally valid reason. In a strange coincidence, allegedly one of the 10 google, tata sponsored indian intelligence employees impersonating the the 1989 JEE female west zone topper is named kalpita, while another fraud is named veena
The cowardly indian media refuses to cover the news of identity theft which is unfair to the hardworking students. Hence it is important that those who get a good JEE rank and studying in top colleges like Kalpit Veerwal, Vrinda Rathi should watch the movie “3 Idiots” to understand how brazen and widespread identity theft of engineers from top colleges in India has become and plan their career accordingly

Top indian intelligence and security agency, CBI, NTRO employees inspired by 3 Idiots movie to commit identity theft fraud

The media often reports that many crimes are inspired by movies and TV serials, with the criminals closely watching the TV serials to plan the perfect crime, so that they can never be caught.. Similarly it appears that the powerful top indian intelligence and security, CBI, NTRO, R&AW, google, tata employees were inspired by the identity theft fraud in the movie “3 idiots”, released in 2009, to start and operate a very brutal and lucrative identity theft fraud scheme in the indian internet sector.
While the poor servant had agreed in advance to give up his qualification, a degree from a top college to rancho in advance and start life anew , google, tata, NTRO, CBI are wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer money since 2010 to force a harmless single woman engineer from a top college to give up her impressive resume, investment to the google, tata sponsored goan sex worker, cheater housewife, blackmailer and other fraud R&AW/CBI/indian intelligence employees .

This racket is very lucrative for the large companies like google, tata because the indian tax payer is paying the bribe to some of the most powerful indian government employees on behalf of these companies, as the relatives, friends and sex partners are getting indian intelligence jobs with the fake resume of the engineer who has been targetted for identity theft. It is also lucrative for the the top indian intelligence and security agency, cbi, ntro employees, as their mediocre lazy greedy fraud relatives, friends and sex partners are getting a monthly indian government salary for doing nothing

The biggest loser is the harmless vulnerable single woman engineer, whose resume, retirement savings, correspondence and memory are stolen without her permission or offering any kind of compensation so that fraud companies like google, tata can make million dollar profits, top indian government employees can get a monthly bribe paid to the relatives, girlfriends and sex partners, who do no work at all, only get credit, a monthly indian government salary, for cheating and having SEX

Table 19 film review

Table 19 is based on the story of individuals who are seated at table 19 , the table furthest away from the married couple at a wedding in the ballroom. The main protagonist Eloise, played by the actress Anna Kendrick has been recently ditched by the brother of the bride, Teddy(Wyatt Russell), and will no longer be the maid of honor at the wedding as planned earlier. After agonizing over whether she should be attending the wedding after the break up, Eloise finally decides to be present at the wedding of one of her oldest friends. However she finds that she has been relegated to table 19, at the wedding, filled with people who are least connected to the married couple and should have ideally not attended the wedding.

The movie covers the story of how the six individuals seated at table 19, Eloise, the nanny of the bride (June Squibb), a couple who are Facebook friends of the grooms father( Lisa Kudrow, Craig Robinson), a socially awkward uncle of the groom (Stephen Merchant) , and a teenager (Tony Revolori) spend the day attending the wedding. Though the 6 people seated at table 19 are upset that no one is likely to miss them at the wedding if they were not present, they use the occasion to make new friends, share their secrets and form a support system with each other to help them tide over the wedding day. As expected Teddy is unhappy to find that Eloise has decided to attend the wedding, however she manages to enjoy the event with the help of her new friends .

The unusual comedy table 19 is well written and has good performances from the most of the actors, can be a pleasant diversion for someone interested in watching a romantic comedy. Though likely to be more popular as a comedy watched at home, the 87 minute film directed by Jeffrey Blitz has been recently released in theaters in March 2017

Lower castes only allowed to flourish in arts

One of the aspects of casteism which is not discussed in the Indian mainstream media, is how brahmin and upper caste officials are controlling the science and technology sector, making it almost impossible for a lower caste professional to succeed based on merit alone . Obc women like slim goan obc bhandari sex worker R&AW employee sunaina chodnekar, 2013 bsc who sleeps with top officials are the only individuals who are promoted , because they are too mediocre, lazy to pose any kind of threat to these top officials.

Any lower caste or obc who will do well in the it or indian internet sector, will often be subjected to non consensual human experimentation, like human cloning, as the upper caste officials will try to transfer all the knowledge and skills of a person to their relatives, friends , sex partners and associates to create an exact replica, denying the meritorious lower caste person the income and opportunities he or she deserved.

Only when there is an element of art involved , the upper caste officials will admit that replicating may not be very easy and allow the lower caste person to do well. So in the entertainment sector, arts, drawing, painting, literature, poetry there are many high profile individuals from lower castes. However in the internet and it sector, almost all the top officials are brahmins

Falsely claiming good looking women are great writers

One of the greatest online frauds of google, tata , is how these companies are allegedly trying to falsely claim that good looking young women like shivalli brahmin cheater housewife R&AW employee nayanshree hathwar, with poor grammar, are great writers to get them R&AW jobs with monthly salary. In reality these google, tata sponsored R&AW employees are only looking after their home and family, however the cunning crooked fraud google, tata employees have masterminded a major online content fraud with the help of freelancer ntro employees.
The freelancer ntro employees are monitoring a google competitor closely with the sophisticated and expensive ntro equipment and then falsely claiming that all the work is being done their lazy greedy fraud relatives, friends and sex partners. The real writer is threatened into keeping quiet by saying that he or she will face legal action, if they will openly claim that they are writing the content.

The money trail, will easily expose the fact that the google, tata, freelancer ntro, cbi employees are telling lies as the google, tata sponsored fraud writers will not receive any money through Paypal as they actually did not do any work at all. However because the google, tata sponsored fraud writers have powerful ntro employees making fake claims , they are getting credit for work they do not do, lucrative R&AW/CBI jobs, and a monthly indian government salary at the expense of the real writer.