Hysterical TV anchors destroy their credibility

Increasingly it is extremely difficult to watch national television, especially English news channels, because the television anchors are uniformly hysterical, screaming and do not provide balanced coverage of news. They keep on screeching loudly and behave like schoolteachers while those with an opposing point of view, especially from Kashmir are treated like kindergarten kids, to be shouted at. There are some times, when all the English news channels are showing exactly the same news which can be very boring.On one channel Karan Thapar was replaced by Anjana Om Kashyap for reasons not known, however the anchoring style is exactly the same for all English news channels
In comparison, local goa news is usually far more watchable, though the news anchors are mostly not as good looking or polished like the national tv channels, they are far more calm, and the same news is not repeated.