Top officials easily duped by fraud actor NTRO officials

Though ntro employees did not care at all for india’s largest female domain investor, they were great actors , so they cunningly and falsely claimed that they were interested in helping the the domain investor, so that they could misuse her name and steal her resume. It is an indication of the poor systems in the indian intelligence agencies, that top officials are taking decisions based on complete lies duped by the excellent actors recruited by the indian government for top indian intelligence jobs.
No verification based on evidence and data is carried out, just fake claims are sufficient to cause the wastage of a huge amount of indian tax payer money for decades paying frauds a monthly indian government salary and pension. Denial of information is a very cruel torture method, causing a lot of mental stress, leading to great mistakes, yet these ntro employees were ruthless in denying information for more than 10 years since 2010, a clear indication of hatred and jealousy.

When these ntro employees refused to provide any information or even communicate, on what basis are they allowed to steal the resume of a harmless single woman engineer who they hate, misuse her name till 2010?