Arrogant actor fraud NTRO employees fail to realize their fraud

NTRO employees like vijay, puneet, j srinivasan, parmar, patel and others are least interested in contacting a female domain investor, however they are shamelessly and falsely claiming to know her well, to steal her impressive resume, investment for their mediocre lazy fraud girlfriends.
If they do not wish to contact her, legally and morally the right thing to do, is to admit that they are not connected with her and leave her alone, like any other domain investor in india . They should never use her name, honestly tell people that they do not know her, they interacted with her more than twenty years ago, now there is no connection at all.
However led by the fraud puneet, since 2010, for more than 7 years, they continue to falsely claim that they know her very well, to steal her impressive resume, with their excellent acting, Instead of NTRO, these government employees should be transferred to FTII or any other acting school